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Specializing in cheesecake !

The Melt is perfect for any occasion.

FAQ Section

About The Melt London

In order to provide you with the best quality service, all our orders are pre-sale and require at least one day in advance. If you encounter any inconvenience, please contact customer service.


Unable to place an order 如果不能下单?

If you are unable to place an order, it may be caused by the following reasons:

Please check if the minimum order requirement is met: Our minimum order for Shipping is £25. No minimum for self-pickup.

Please try other payment method. Or double-check your address and phone information.

If you still cannot place an order, please contact our customer service on WhatsApp: +44 7410925160


  1. 请先检查最低消费是否满足条件:我们配送的最低消费为25英镑,自提无最低消费。
  2. 请尝试更换支付方式。
  3. 请仔细核对地址和电话信息。

如果仍不能正常下单,请联系我们客服WhatsApp: +44 7410925160

UK Wide Shipping info 全英郵寄

Shipping fee is £8.99 per order. Free shipping for over £65!!!

Shipping Notice:

1. Only selected items are eligible for shipping (please only select products from the "UK-Wide shipping series".

2. Shipping excludes some areas such as the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland.

3. Express delivery is fixed every Monday to Wednesday (default: DPD) Delivery is expected the next day after shipping (excluding individual holidays), please ensure timely receipt of packages. If DPD delivery fails, it will automatically be rescheduled for the next working day.

4. If there are any issues with the product, please contact WhatsApp customer service immediately on the day of receipt (WhatsApp: +44 7410925160).

5. Please refrigerate the cake once you've received and follow the instruction on the label of the packaging!

邮费每单/£8.99 每单滿£65包邮!!!


1. 仅限部分商品可邮寄(请仅选购全英邮寄系列产品)

2. 邮寄范围不包括苏格兰高地,北爱尔兰等偏远地区

3. 固定每周一到周三发快递(默认dpd),下单成功后隔日发货。发货后次日可寄达(個別節假日除外),请注意及时查收包裹。若 DPD 派送失败,会自动改成下一个工作日派送。

4. 若产品出现任何质量问题,请在收货当日即时联繫WhatsApp客服(WhatsApp: +44 7410925160, 超时不予受理。

5. 收到蛋糕后请及时冷藏储放,或按照蛋糕上的标籤及时食用!

How to store the cakes? 如何保存日式芝士蛋糕以保持最佳口感?

Refrigerating the cake for 2 hours upon receiving it and consuming it within 36 hours.


Any other questions, please contact us on : 如需修改订单或有其他问题,如何联系我们?

WhatsApp: +44 7410925160